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北京时间6月22日,据Hoopshype的记者Michael Scotto报导,奇才球星布拉德利比尔拒绝执行下赛季3640万美元的球员选项,因而他将成为彻底自在球员,而比尔自己今夏有资历续签5年2.48亿美元大合同。比尔也在该爆料第一时间发推回应:等等,嗯?哈哈。看看球迷们对此怎么点评?Just leave that team man we need to see you get that ring脱离那个球队(奇才),店员,咱们需求看你得到(总冠军)戒指AD won’t play more than 15 games. Lebron is getting old and slower and brittle. I’m a fan of both Wizards and Lakers.我是奇才和湖人的粉丝。戴维斯(单赛季)打竞赛不会超越15场竞赛。勒布朗变老了,速度变慢了,变得软弱了。They will still be able to trade him after he signs在他签约后,他们依然能够买卖他Stop playing with my emotions and come home别再戏弄我的爱情了,回家吧He’s 100% opting out lol…. Even if he signs a new deal with them… But he’s opting out for sure…他百分之百会挑选退出,哈哈,即便他和他们签了新协议,但他肯定会退出。Beal a free agent won’t need to do a sign and trade自在球员比尔不需求签约或买卖Boston fans think they are getting him haha,they don’t have the money for him. He opted out so he can get the max max波士顿(凯尔特人)球迷以为他们得到了他,哈哈,他们没有钱买他。他退出了,这样他就能拿到顶薪His onto it quick. Still wouldn’t suprise me if it’s true他很快就理解了。假如这是真的,我也不会感到惊奇Didn’t hear the news yet? Welcome to Chicago bro还没听到音讯吗?欢迎来到芝加哥(公牛),兄弟You and Cade Cunningham would be the best backcourt in the league and you’d win championship(s). Just think about it Bradley你和凯德坎宁安会成为联盟中最好的后场球员,你们会赢得总冠军。想想吧,布拉德利Oh you don’t remember signing a max deal with the Sixers? That’s okay because it happened你不记得和76人签了一份顶薪合同吗?不要紧,由于它现已发生了Come to Dallas. You and luka would be the best backcourt in the league that’s facts来到达拉斯(独行侠)。你和卢卡(东契奇)会是联盟最好的后场,这是现实Take your talents to South Beach把你的才调带到南海岸(热火)Are the trade rumors true ? I know you wouldn’t pull John wall on us right ?这些买卖传言是真的吗?我知道你不会把约翰·沃尔骗到咱们身上,对吧?Come to the lakers bro somehow someway and get yo ring you deserve想尽办法来湖人队吧,兄弟,拿到你应得的(总冠军)戒指Someone declined your player option on 2K and boom here we are有人拒绝了你在2K上的球员挑选,咱们来了ITS HAPPEN它发生了Please Stay I need you to stay请留下,我需求你留下NOOOO can we please stop trying to destroy our team for an old dude just because he can make a few jump shots不,咱们能不能不要由于一个老家伙能投进几个跳投就毁了咱们的球队Hate to break it to you lil bro but you’re a Timberwolf now我不想告知你,兄弟但你现在是森林狼了Feel great that everyone wants you…unlike Westbrick.感觉很好,每个人都想要你,不像威斯布鲁克写在最终:比尔成为自在球员的谈论区,更像是一场P图大赛,未来何去何从,挑选续约顶薪仍是换队冲冠,咱们仍旧等待!